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HR services are an inevitable need for your Plymouth business. Human resources management is needed if one intends to keep its organisation in a professional and pleasant environment. A couple of rules or policies and procedures must be set for employees to abide by. Perfect HR helps you to formulate these rules according to your specific company objectives.

Even in organisations where the rules are well-defined, certain employees still like to test the boundaries, talk more an organisation with no well-defined rules at all. Having no clear procedures in a workplace is a recipe for disaster. To prevent this disaster, you would need an HR service that will help you set up set policies and procedures, the establishment must also decide beforehand what their policy says as regarding employees demonstrating bad behaviour.

The company head must have a meeting with the service to decide what is considered inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour and the appropriate consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

Perfect HR can supply up to date Contracts of Employment which consists of 14-pages, Contracts for Self Employed, sub-contractors, casual workers and Zero Hour and many more from £329.00, with all the appropriate Policies to make you fully compliant with employment law. We also can make changes for you at no extra cost. We also make standalone policies. Kindly get in touch for your HR services in Plymouth.


Access to our document library with template letters, example documents and guidance.


An email helpline and support for HR questions and issues;


Two telephone advice calls per month (extra calls are charged at £10 +vat for each additional phone call thereafter)


Employment legislation and document updates as and when they occur;


Download further Employment Contracts as and when you hire more staff;


Help with the full process of hiring, from drafting an application form, interview letters, offer letters etc.;


Tribunal Legal support.

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