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In every business or enterprise, the guarantee for success is dependent on how efficient every facet of the management is. Whether with ten or ten thousand employees, the rate of efficiency can only be paralleled with a system that checkmates inconsistency and upholds diligence.

All over many places down to the beautiful city of Chichester, Perfect HR reaches forth its hand of amazing HR services to meet your impending needs. Be it execution of long-term projects or short-term projects, preparing of employee contracts with laid-in legal regulations guiding conduct and status quo in the workplace, termination of employment, screening of interested applicants, analyzing of employee records to ascertain need for further improvement through specialized programs, settling of disputes between employees, initiating payroll specifics, bonuses, and conditions of work necessary for business efficiency.

Perfect HR also provides advice for the employer in cases where decision making seems difficult and also helps to bargain where third parties are involved. At Perfect HR we integrate ourselves with your objectives and help to even modify them through our professional expertise to ensure that excellence is duly achieved. Save more energy and cost by calling us today so we can turn your imagination to reality at an affordable cost.


Access to our document library with template letters, example documents and guidance.


An email helpline and support for HR questions and issues;


Two telephone advice calls per month (extra calls are charged at £10 +vat for each additional phone call thereafter)


Employment legislation and document updates as and when they occur;


Download further Employment Contracts as and when you hire more staff;


Help with the full process of hiring, from drafting an application form, interview letters, offer letters etc.;


Tribunal Legal support.

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  07834 475832 / 07702 478414


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 company no. 121397762 . vat no. 331 0553 47


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